Privacy Rights Request Form

Residents of certain states can use the web form below to submit Privacy Rights Requests.

Available requests are: Access; Delete; Correction; Categories Report with information about how your data is processed; Opt Out of Sale/Sharing/Targeted Advertising

You can use the webform below to submit privacy rights requests that may be available to you. Please visit our privacy notice for more information about these rights, including your right to correct, how we verify identity or locate you in our records, response timing, and other important information.

To appeal denial of a previously submitted request, please follow the instructions in the denial message.

Exercising the Right to Opt Out of Sale, Sharing, and Targeted Advertising

Depending on where you reside, you may have the Right to Opt Out of Sale, Sharing, and/or Targeted Advertising. You can submit a request by selecting “Opt Out of Sale/Sharing/Targeted Advertising” and completing the form fields below. When you click “submit,” a first-party cookie will also be saved on your browser to signal your preference to opt out. Please note:

  • The opt-out cookie only applies to this website and only to the browser and device you are using at the time you make the selection.

You will also need to submit a request to Opt Out of Sale/Sharing/Targeted Advertising” for each browser on each device you use, and on each Fanatics website you access.

  • If you clear cookies on your browser, you will need to submit a new request from that browser.
  • If you have blocked all cookies through your browser settings, we will be unable to fully comply with your opt out request.
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